Snowdogs Auction Lot

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Based on previous similar trails, we estimate (and hope) each Snowdog to sell for £4,000 and upwards on the auction night.

Dog Bot

Artist: Mark Chilcott
Sponsor: Cardiff BID
Artist Mark Chilcott is best known for his complex graphic ink paintings, having produced art for well know clients including, Marvel and DC Comics. For this particular canvas he created an incredibly detailed Robot themed Dog. The result is truly awe inspiring.


Artist: Izy Langhorne
Sponsor: Wild in Art
A freelance artist based in Brighton, her love of textiles and surface pattern design along with her fondness for the Goldendoodle (a fusion of Poodle and Golden Retriever) greatly influenced her Snowdog design. Roodle was designed to be covered in a thick white fur to emulate the fur of a Goldendoodle!

Candy Stripes

Artist: Lowri Davies
Sponsor: Capitol Shopping Centre
Lowri mainly works in bone china and chose to decorate this beautiful Snowdog in lines of colour as a backdrop to some of her favourite buildings in Cardiff, along with drawings of birds and flora. The result is breathtaking.

Rosy Posy

Artist: Sarah Jane Richards
Sponsor: Wild in Art
Renowned fine artist, Sarah Jane designed the delicate Rosy Posy Snowdog; feminine and floral with cool calm colours. Plums, calla lillies and purple crocuses adorn this pooch; bringing home the magic of Snowdogs with this elegant design.


Artist: George O’Dowd and Phil Morgan
Sponsor: Resolve It
Everyone has the right and the power to be safe! Respect-Empathy-Sincerity-Originality-Loyalty-Virtue-Empowerment-Determination. Let RESOLVED inspire you.


Artist: Vikki Cornish
Sponsor: Acorns Nurseries
Penarth Artist Vikki Cornish showcased the amazing potential, strength and magnifcance of nature by showing how “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” Working with ceramics to create this breath-taking Snowdog.

Castles and Dragons

Artist: Rachel Blackwell
Sponsor: Marriott Hotel
Artist and Illustrator Rachel, displays her whimsical and  imaginative style. Inspired by the landscape and mythical creatures of Britain, she paints the story behing the red dragon on the Welsh flag and its triumph over the icy blue dragon bringing winter to the land.

Pop Pup

Artist: Damien Jeffries
Sponsor: Cardiff BID
Great pop artists of the 1950’s and 60’s fueled Artist Damien’s imagination, providing inspiration for this canvas. Pop Pup showcases his love of vibrant colour, repitition, crazy patterns and disco music.


Artist: Dale Edna Evans
Sponsor: MPS Healthcare
Everyone loves our exuberant Welsh Rugby fans, whether home or away, and when they all stand and sing the National Anthem it is a sight to behold. Illustrator Dale’s design excellently captures that magic (just without the sound).

Snow Dragon

Artist: Dorian Spencer Davies
Sponsor: Media Wales
Dorian is a welsh born and bred contemporary artist.  His work consists mostly of fun and colourful landscapes around the Welsh coast where he was brought up. Every Welsh town needs a dragon! Dorian’s design is a fun and friendly dragon for our great capital city.


Artist: David Sith
Sponsor: Wild in Art
Artist David’s imagination ran wild for this Snowdog. Choosing to use glitter on specific sections of the Snowdog, this mucky pup has been rolling in glitter and looks ready for a dog pageant! David christened his creation Sparky – a popular dog’s name and an inevitable choice for a creature so sparkly.


Artist: Rhiannon Roberts
Sponsor: Glee Club
Artist Rhiannon has painted various sceneries with a fresh and modern twist, successfully mixing reality with fantasy to create a magical world on Enfsy. Covered in iconic Cardiff buildings and Welsh symbols, Enfys perfectly represents Cardiff; a vibrant, lively and growing city that’s full of fun and character.

Summer Meadow

Artist: Alison Underwood
Sponsor: Barclays
The bright, energetic colours and vivacious form of wild flowers characterises Alison’s painting style, expressing the spontaneous joy of nature through colour. Inspired by the wild flower meadows springing up in and around Cardiff, Ali perfectly captures Grangemoor Park, a hidden gem offering escape from the busy city, resulting in Summer Meadow. A truly spontaneous and unique piece.

Snow Business

Artist: Nat Clements
Sponsor: Made in Cardiff
Natalie’s glamour Snowdog perfectly encapsulates the creative culture that thrives within Cardiff. ‘That’s Snowbusiness’ playfully plays homage to our TV screens and encourages the public to perform for our camera!


Artist: Phil Morgan
Sponsor: Nathaniel Cars
Artist Phil’s humour, love of bold colours and characters and wry playfulness is obvious in this artwork. Emjoi’s are used by millions of people everyday to express themselves whilst texting and Phil cleverly merges these two themes to create OMG Emoji Dog, ourmost playful and expressive Snowdog.

Lunar Rover

Artist: Mik Richardson
Sponsor: ACT Reprographics
Space exploration fuels artist Mik’s imagination providing inspiration for this Scultpure. The fact  that the first animal in space was a dog, he thought it was very apt for this design. Lunar rover, a play on words from NASA moon Luna Rover and Mars Rover modules in our very own Snowdog Astronaut.

Dino Dog

Artist: Jenny Leonard
Sponsor: Tŷ Hafan
Artist and regular presenter on channel 5’s milkshake, Amy shows her love of dinosaurs and of bright colours with this dynamic and playful Dino Dog. Based around her favourite dinosaurs, the Smileosaur was inspired by the power of the smile; a natural link with Ty Hafan’s ethos.

Me Is Who I Am

Artist: Gemma Fala
Sponsor: 29 Park Place
Gemma Fala is a passionate Welsh artist who predominatly works in colour and texture. Her design is inspired by animals: their emotions and their desire to be free. This desire also applies to us as humans and reminds us that most of us are more than what we’ve become in our journey through life.

Dog with a Bone

Artist: Gemma Williams
Sponsor: Cardiff University
Local Welsh doctor Gemma loves to create art in her spare time. Working in brain imaging, Gemma thought it would be fun to combine her two passions and create an X-Ray themed Snowdog, dreaming of bones of course!

Classic Snowdog

Artist: Anonymous
Sponsor: Penguin Random House
We all know the story. Cobbled together by young Billy in memory of his late four-legged companion, and coming to life in the night, the Snowdog symbolises comfort, precious company and treasured memories – a natural friend for the hospice movement.

Big Dogs Little Dogs

Artist: Jim Medway
Sponsor: Wild in Art
As an illustrator of children’s books,  ‘Big dog, little dogs and ‘Big cats little cats,’ artist Jim drew from these books to create this pawsome Snowdog.  Just as swarms of snowdogs will be covering Cardiff. This snowdog is painted from head to tail with all kinds of breeds from all over the world, of all sizes and shapes.


Artist: Paul Williams
Sponsor: Clarks UK
London brand design agency, Springettes love pets – even resin fibreglass ones. Maple is inspired by the maple tree: the source of Clarks Maple Syrup! For even more sweetness, he is carved with messages of love and fun, and it just seemed right to cover a dog in bark!

Local Lad

Artist: Dale Edna Evans
Sponsor: One Stop
The Welsh football legend, Gareth Bale is personifed in artist Dale’s iconic Local Lad Snowdog, and is even complete with his wonderful man bun! Celebrating our incredible Welsh Sportspersons.


Artist: Steven Brown
Sponsor: Tŷ Hafan
Always looking for new ways to express his own uniqe art; Steven transfers his contemporary style to this new canvas, incorporating his passion for colour and abstract art to create our beautiful McCoo Snowdog.


Artist: Simon Tozer
Sponsor: Wild in Art
Artist and printmaker Simon specialises in pictures of animals, boats, and wonky buildings but opted to let his imagination run wild and instead created this delicious Blackberry Snowdog. An ideal and complementary design for our Autumn trail. It looks good enough to eat!

Starry Night

Artist: Benjamin Fowler and Heather Penten
Sponsor: Wild in Art
Snowdog Collectors Club members submitted ideas for a new Snowdog to join the pack of The Snowdog figurine range. Meet ‘Starry Night’ the winning design by Benjamin Fowler, a year 5 pupil at St. Luke’s Primary School and designer Heather Penten, who both submitted designs inspired by the night sky. Proving not only do great minds think alike but the magic of The Snowman and The Snowdog speaks to people of all ages.


Artist: Maria Shrigley
Sponsor: The Red Dragon Centre
Paint by pigeons artist Maria is a huge fan of Wild in Art sculpture trails and her artwork can be seen across many trails in British cities including Rhions in Exeter and Lions in Paisley. Maria has created Oscar, this sparkling sensation to add an extra touch of glamour to the streets of Cardiff.


Artist: Judith Berrill
Sponsor: Go Compare
With two Snowdog designs already under her belt, Artist Judith chose to create something extra special for our Cardiff trail. BAFFI is a tribute to the internationally recognised musical tradtion of Wales – the land of song.  BAFF is never at a loss for a song as he carries his music with him on his walkies – see if you can work out the tunes on his elegant coat, and sing-along with Baff.

HusQuay the Merdog (Swirly Wirly)

Artist: Rachel Blackwell
Sponsor: Mermaid Quay
Artist Rachel waves stories on her canvas, reflecting how interesting and colourful Cardiff is. Inspired by the landscape of Cardiff Bay on a summer’s day, Swirly Whirly celebrates Cardiff’s culture, architecture and people. In the distance, a red dragon sleeps atop a hill and the Welsh Rugby team await their next match.

Sun Dog

Artist: Seth Oliver
Sponsor: Chefs Night Out
On certain afternoons, if you are lucky, you will see a pair of rainbow spots left and right of the Sun. Known as ‘Sun dogs’ — a thin rainbow circle around the Sun, caused by light passing through ice crystals high in the atmosphere. The whole arrangement looks strangely similar to the ancient glyph for Mercury.


Artist: Deven Bhurke
Sponsor: Heart FM
Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is inspired by the Danish art of creating joy and cosiness in life’s everyday moments. The love of our family and friends is what warms our hearts and makes us feel cosy in our souls. Hygge isn’t just for gloomy days, but for every day of our lives!


Artist: Ruby Cooper
Sponsor: Wild in Art
The designer behind The Snowbrador Ruby has created the perfect combination of handsome Labrador and lovable Snowdog. In true Ruby Cooper style The Snowbrador is the only Snowdog in the pack to exhibit a cheeky red tongue! This Snowdog is all about fun, an ethos we strongly share in Tŷ Hafan.


Artist: Julien MacDonald
Sponsor: Tŷ Hafan
Internationally renowned fashion designer Julien Macdonald is best known for creating show-stopping pieces that have been worn by A-LIST celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger to name but a few.We are proud that he could be a part of Cardiff’s Snowdog trail with this outstanding design. Stylish Honolulu is our catwalk queen.


Artist: Andy O’Rourke
Sponsor: Cardiff Harbour Authority
Artist Andy, self professed full time dabbler with itcy art feet is truly innovative and successfully ‘dabbled’ with thermochromic liquid crystal ink to create Heatwave.  As the temperature around him changes, his coat transforms from a luxurious deep black through to a rainbow of colours.  Sunlight or a warming cwtch brings out his true nature.

That Snow Tiger

Artist: Emily Ketteringham
Sponsor: Cardiff Harbour Authority
This playful character is disguised as an unusually huggable tiger. Only his tell-tale sock ears give him away. Artist Emily wanted to give him an opportunity to dress up, and his left ear shows he clearly likes stripes, so a tiger seeemed an apt choice. Here’s your chance to cuddle a tiger.

Life’s a Beach

Artist: Emma Everitt
Sponsor: ITV Wales
Life’s a Beach is our happiest Snowdog, using bold lines and energetic colours to depict the beautiful coastlines of the Vale of Glamorgan. Artist Emma hopes to make you smile as you gaze upon this friendly Snowdog and it proves that the welsh are happy even when it is raining!

Chocolate Sundae

Artist: Simon Tozer
Sponsor: Eventful
This delectable Snowdog was inspired by a real dog, Sunday the chocolate labrador. Simon exquisitly captures the mouthwatering moment of unwrapping a tasty bar of chocolate. Chocolate Sundae is good enough to eat.


Artist: Pete Fowler
Sponsor: Tŷ Hafan
Cardiff born artist, Pete was inspired by Japanese art to create this dynamic Snowdog. Using a postmodern cartoon style, Cedric is a quirky and a unique character. Passers by can’t help but fall in love with him.


Artist: Anonymous
Sponsor: Wild in Art
This camera shy artist prefers to remain anonymous but showcases their huge talent for street art and grafitti. Gizmo is a contemporary and lively version of a Snowdog.

Butterfly Coat

Artist: Sarah Cowan
Sponsor: Tŷ Hafan
Butterfly Coat represents some of the difficult themes that Ty Hafan supports. He wears a dog coat in the shape of a butterfly: the coat shows the warmth and protection given by the hospice and the butterfly symbolises the hope, life and endurance of the children and their families. The vibrant colours and dreamlike pattern show vitality and inspires feelings of joy and happiness. The design represents compassion, optimism and freedom away from a difficult part of life.

Happy Taffy

Artist: Traci Moss
Sponsor: Cardiff Wales Airport
Happy-Taffy is a quirky pink piggy-dog that celebrates optimism, hope and happiness. It has a cute piggy snout, trotters, curly tail and wings…because any optimistic pig-pup needs wings to fly! Cardiff is a caring city full of kindness and joy. Happy-Taffy reminds us all to believe in ourselves and in others. We can all believe that pigs can fly if we put our mind to it!